Boston based musician Matilde Heckler is a cutting-edge young artist making a name for herself as an acoustic/electric violinist and singer/songwriter. Her unique approach to the emo genre, coining the sub-genre “hot girl emo,” is a little feminine, fun, fresh, and unlike anything you've ever heard. She is pushing boundaries for women in emo and beyond, often being found screaming "emo needs more f***ing girls." 


She builds homes within her raw and passionate lyric writing, fusing intricate violin melodies from her classical violin background to build a unique sound. Her debut single, “I Think I’m Doing Better Alone Again” is a shining example of this. Summed up perfectly in a review done by The Agency, “Matilde’s lyrics, like ‘wring me out until I’m nothing, but a shell of a body lacking emotion’ really convey the awfully relatable hopelessness that comes with heartbreak, and struggling mental illness; while the lightness in her voice and violin make that hopelessness feel almost comforting.” 


Working with an extremely talented band, she has another single as well as an EP in the works. She has plans to take over the world with hot girl emo and cannot wait to take you on the journey with her :))